Specifications to be involved in our festival

Our festival is organized every two years, the odd years. Our city is located at 20 km of Marseilles in the south of France.

The festival of the Cultures of the World of Gémenos proceeds during five days and take care of groups of dance and traditional music come from the four corners of the world.

The goal of this festival is to present to the population various cultures and country through the traditions and habits of each group; they put in scene in their dances, by their musics and their costumes.

The units invited by the festival must present traditional dances of their area or country; to carry one or more traditional costumes and to evolve/move on a not recorded music.

For more d’ information on the general terms of participation and the requests for candidatures, to contact organization of the festival on Lapoulidodegemo@yahoo.fr.
We will transmit them as soon as possible to you.